Apple and Hermès collaboration is on sale now!

apple watch hermes hermès

I love my Apple watch and, as the editor of my own high-end fashion website, Compellier, I also love luxury products. That’s why I’m very excited by Apple’s partnership with French lifestyle brand Hermès.

For those who don’t know, Hermès specialise in leather accessories and they must be doing something right as they’ve been trading for close to 200 years.

Now though, they’ve partnered with Apple to bring a bit of extra style to the Apple Watch, with a range of straps and new watch faces available for the discerning buyer.

There’s a price to pay for combining Apple’s cutting edge tech with the quality of a venerable Parisian accessory house of course, with the double tour strap edition of the Apple Watch costing a cool £808 ($1,250 USD).

It’s a bold move but a totally understandable one on the tech giant’s part, as the new collaboration sees Hermès steering the Apple’s wearable tech away from being a gadget and closer to being a luxury watch and style item.

I certainly can’t say I wouldn’t have been tempted if I didn’t already own an Apple watch!


Have you tried habit stacking?

We’re all leading increasingly busy lives these days leaving us with seemingly less and less time for the little things. We get so stuck in our daily habits that we find it hard to get into a new routine or to build-in time for new activities.

This week though I’ve been reading about ‘habit stacking’, a simple life hack that could change your day forever. The trick, apparently, is to look at your everyday routine in detail and search for the things you practically do without thinking. Making your morning cup of tea, doing your home exercises before setting off for work, going on your lunch break, that sort of thing.

Next, work out the small things you wish you could fit in your day, such as a bit of extra networking or reading up on that new skillset you want to learn about. The key is finding which of your old daily habits you can attach the new ones too to maximise your time. For example, why not read up on the day’s new trends over breakfast, or pledge to send one email reaching out to a potential contact before starting work again after your lunch break?

The more you integrate the two tasks, the more like second nature it will become, as your brain makes a stronger connection between the two.

If you’re interested in understanding the scientific and neurological side of habit stacking then this article is an easy introduction. If not though, think of it as being a bit like supercharged multi tasking. Just imagine how much more you could do in a day with habit stacking?

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The first CEO on Google? Barbie. Really.


There’s been a lot of talk recently regarding everyday sexism, with a lot more of that talk centering on the lack of women in real positions of power. As a woman in business myself it was pretty disappointing to learn that the first woman to appear in a Google image search for ‘CEO’ is Barbie.

Don’t get me wrong Barbie is an icon (she can master anything she turns her plastic hand to) but it’s damning that she should appear above any actual businesswomen, especially as the article the image of the 80s doll, ‘CEO Barbie’, is attached to is a satirical news piece about careers for women.

It’s true the result owes a lot to Google’s search algorithm and the popularity of the articles containing the images, but it’s still sad that so little is being written and read about the women doing amazing things out there in the world.

Now that it’s finally being seen as a problem though it hopefully won’t be too long until we can see a real shift in attitude. It can’t come soon enough.

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Radio X is for men only, but why?


Radio X launched yesterday. The newest iteration of the popular XFM brand, Radio X features a line up of presenters headed up by Chris Moyles, the so-called saviour of early-morning radio, alongside Vernon Kay, Johnny Vaughan and Ricky Wilson. It’s a very male-heavy line-up, which is unfortunately exactly what Radio X was going for.

The relaunched station is actually pushing the fact that it’s specifically targeting and audience of men aged between 25-44 years old with a playlist of guitar rock, which is depressing. Firstly, why should such a mainstream broadcaster feel the need to shun women, and secondly what about women who like guitar music and rock? Granted it’s not for me, but I’d be offended if there was a dance station that decided I wasn’t who they wanted listening.

Apparently Radio X flirted with the idea of a ‘no females’ policy and the slogan ‘Man-sized music’. Thankfully those ideas were swiftly dropped, but the ideology remains, as does the question, why? Why is this blatant, laddish, segregation necessary in 2015? And why hasn’t there been more backlash?

Unfortunately there will be plenty of people who say that its an irrelevant issue, or worse that the station is correct to assume women should be kept away from rock, and Radio X’s attitude isn’t going to help to dissuade such wrong headed thinking.

I mean, it is 2015, isn’t it?