Providing Great CRM

Time and time again I come across global brands who appear to neglect their online customer relations. As the retail sector continues to see a huge shift of consumer loyalty to the Internet, it is more important than ever that brands are engaging with their consumers on popular platforms.

It is one thing to have a presence on social media, but actually interacting with users is a whole other ball game. Many large companies have made great examples of online communication and turned Tweets and Facebook posts into PR stories in their own right.

Recently, one of the DDCA team engaged in one such example of great CRM. Simon received a free gift from O2 in recognition of 5 years loyalty to the mobile service provider. Simon tweeted @O2 to thank them and what ensued was nothing short of flirting. I love nothing better than some casual schmoozing of a Tuesday evening:

O2 Tweet


Queries, Qualms & Concerns


The Institute of Customer Service has found that consumers are expressing their concerns a lot more nowadays compared to years gone by. Not surprisingly, this correlates directly with the rise in social media popularity.

As consumers have found easier and more direct ways to air their complaints, it’s necessary for companies to be seen to be active in responding.

Every week now there’s a customer service response that’s gone viral and become a clever online PR sensation. Take for example #WaitroseReasons or the Sainsbury’s tiger bread renaming.

Websites such as TrustPilot and iRateiSlate are springing up all over the Internet to act as arenas for the airing of consumer’s dirty laundry. Brands recognise the vast increase in online communities and therefore must understand the importance of swift, clever responses to allay the concerns of the consumer without being impertinent or arrogant. The last thing they want is to leave a complaint to fester; it causes further outcry.

Have you ever complained via social media? I’m intrigued to hear how your comments were dealt with! Please share your experiences with me on the DDCA Facebook page.