Why NOT to Neglect Your Social Media

Virgin Media Fiasco


The recent Virgin Media fiasco – whereby a customer was not only acknowledged as being deceased and charged his direct debit, but also given a late fee for the banks refusal to pay said direct debit – has served as somewhat of a warning to major corporations globally of the significance of social media and that the customer most certainly has more control than they perhaps once had.

Previously, cases such as this; of insensitivity and bungling errors, would have remained for the eyes of the corporation in question and only them. Of course, now with the rise in social media, more and more disgruntled customers are choosing to air their dirty laundry in a public forum and often to a riotous response.

Posted on Facebook by the deceased’s son, the story has already gathered close to 90,000 shares and has caused uproar:

(Virgin Media) are to be publically commended for swooping in with all the sensitivity of a charging rhino and instantly fining an extra £10 for having the unheard of nerve to be dead and therefore being unable to pay you”, wrote Mr Boyden, son of the deceased, “You also win extra points for noticing his bank had returned his Direct Debit informing you he had passed away, then still slapping on a fine anyway.”

Virgin media have since issued a formal apology to Mr Boyden and of course withdrawn the late payment charges. However I cannot help but think that this is too little, too late.

A global brand such as Virgin lends a great deal of it’s modern day success to the Internet and it baffles me how this vast corporation has somewhat neglected their social media. For brands such as Virgin, it is intrinsic to their online portfolio that online chatter is carefully monitored and a crisis management plan put in place should the need arise.

Let this example of a social media shambles be an example. I would urge any brand worth their salt to take heed and invest some time and money in sourcing adequate CRM software. Put the preparations in place today and they’ll pay dividends tomorrow.

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How Social Are You?

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SM Apps


It seems as though we could all do with giving Evolv a cyber high-five after the company unwittingly revealed statistics that reveal that employees who engage in social media are generally more productive.

The start up, which monitors hundreds of metrics from Fortune 500 companies, found that employees that regularly use up to four social networks made more sales or handled more calls than those who did not.

You could argue that the usage of many social networks simply reflects a sociable personality, which in turn makes…[Read More]

Cyber Socialites

Picture 20


Ever wondered what type of social networking personality you have? Well here’s your chance to find out: Mashable have put together an infographic for us cyber socialites to use to discover just how obsessive we can be.

A social behaviour study by MyLife has uncovered that 25% of young men admit to viewing their former girlfriend’s profiles at least once a month compared to just 20% of young women who visit their ex-boyfriend’s page less often.

Have you ever been accused of being a “Facebook Stalker”? Perhaps you’re the complete opposite and like to keep things as vague as possible? Check out the infographic for yourself and share your results with me. I’ve done it twice already – I needn’t have bothered, I think the results are pretty conclusive: my kid IS cute 😉

Creativity Reigns

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 14.53.24

It would appear that those of us utilizing LinkedIn for it’s professional networking merits lack a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to fluffing up our profiles.

A recent survey of buzzwords on the site’s 187 million profiles found the majority of members to be “Creative” followed closely by “Motivated”.  The survey, which comes after LinkedIn shared ways in which its users could stand out from the crowd, found a trend in particular words and linked them back to the country from which they were most used.

It would appear that the Swiss pride themselves in their analytical skills, the Brazilians are experimental and the French responsible. Us Brits? Well we’re motivated it seems.

For “Creative” to top the list of most overused buzzword isn’t very creative at all, really.  What words are you guilty of overusing? I’d choose ‘glamorous’, ‘witty’ and ‘stylish’ – but that goes without saying obviously 😉