Google Glass In the Office

Last week finally saw the release of Google Glass, the latest technological offering in the industry. After being showcased last fall at New York Fashion Week, I was intrigued as to how we could implement this innovative device into the day to day runnings of DDCA.

At New York Fashion Week, over 100 pairs were handed out to the industries most influential stylists, bloggers, designers and even models.

My favourite function was that you could film the catwalk directly as you see it, allowing you to appreciate the show live rather than filming it with your phone or camera.

The high quality of the photographs and video footage as well as being able to immediately upload it to your social media platforms makes this device even more desirable and is one of the reasons it’s set to change the fashion industry forever.

The tech phenomenon has already caught the eye of global businesses including Virgin Airlines who recently trialled the product, providing each of their first class passengers with a pair to use throughout their journey creating an added value experience.

Being such a creative and visual agency, I’d love to introduce google glass to the DDCA team. The device is infused with features like ‘speech to text’ which the team could really take advantage of in terms of saving time when making notes in meetings, sending emails and managing schedules.

After spending many years developing Google Glass, it’s clear to see why it took so long to reach the market. Similar to the way in which Apple revolutionised the smart phone, wearable technology is defiantly the next big thing and I’m excited to see this develop.


Social Media Landscape

Over time, landscapes change and when it comes to digital, social media is in a world of it’s own. Brian Solis first introduced us to the Conversation Prism in 2008 when social media was still a fledgling in the business world with 22 categories and a handful of brands featured.

Skip forward to present day and the new Prism has grown substantially: with 4 more categories and at least 6 brands under each umbrella. The point of this visual masterpiece is to present a business with it’s entire range of social possibilities and user functions in one chart.

Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group and social media marketing expert, said “Things are changing so fast; we don’t even realise the landscape is shifting.”

Minddrive: The Social Good Endeavour

Social Media has been used to build brands, distribute ideas, make people famous and now…… can run cars?

As unbelievable as this sounds, a group of Kansas City high schoolers have done just that. Feeling let down by their education system and falling through the cracks of society, non profit organisation Minddrive stepped in to bring science and maths to the underprivileged teens and power their dreams through social media.

The task, to restore a 1967 Karmann Ghia to it’s finest form and drive the slinky two seater across the country from Kansas City to Washington DC only with a difference, it would be fueled by social interaction. Each Tweet, Facebook post and Instagram image to the project would be converted into wattage would then power the electric car and it’s passengers across the country.

The group of plucky teens gained a massive 225,000 watts before they’d even started through the support of they’re online campaign which of course was a huge success gaining support from Richard Branson and The Huffington Post. This social good endeavour has shown us how social media can be brought to the next level and used to utilise support for great causes.

Blackberry CEO: Apple Lacking Innovation

Picture 3

Whereas the iPhone continues to dominate the current mobile phone market, it is seemingly predictable that naturally, the competition will start to be more critical. As the iPhone 5  is currently an active contender within the market, it is a general consensus that it is only a matter of time before the newest model is in stores.

While the consumer market is still very much ‘pro-Apple’, it is apparent that Blackberry CEO Thorsten Heins is not. Whilst surrounded in a marketing frenzy for the new Blackberry z10 smartphone, recent comments in regards to Apple are less positive than previous statements made six years ago.

Six years ago, Heins regarded Apple’s design of the iPhone as a ‘design icon’, complimenting the userface and accessibly of the phones when they were first released (

Six years later, however, a none-too subtle comment suggests that Heins feels that Blackberry now have the edge in innovation as if there is a lack of progression, old ideas are replaced and the iPhone user interface ‘is now five years old’ (

Heins further went on to comment how Blackberry’s use of multitasking is the definite contender for taking over the market from the iPhone.

As an iPhone user (or more appropriately, addict), I feel that Apple still have plenty of tricks up their sleeve.

So are you part of the Blackberry or the Apple party?  Do you think that Apple have burnt themselves out and that Blackberry will be able to pick up from where they have left off? Or do you think that Apple will continue their current domination of worldwide markets? Let us know what you think.