Have you tried habit stacking?

We’re all leading increasingly busy lives these days leaving us with seemingly less and less time for the little things. We get so stuck in our daily habits that we find it hard to get into a new routine or to build-in time for new activities.

This week though I’ve been reading about ‘habit stacking’, a simple life hack that could change your day forever. The trick, apparently, is to look at your everyday routine in detail and search for the things you practically do without thinking. Making your morning cup of tea, doing your home exercises before setting off for work, going on your lunch break, that sort of thing.

Next, work out the small things you wish you could fit in your day, such as a bit of extra networking or reading up on that new skillset you want to learn about. The key is finding which of your old daily habits you can attach the new ones too to maximise your time. For example, why not read up on the day’s new trends over breakfast, or pledge to send one email reaching out to a potential contact before starting work again after your lunch break?

The more you integrate the two tasks, the more like second nature it will become, as your brain makes a stronger connection between the two.

If you’re interested in understanding the scientific and neurological side of habit stacking then this article is an easy introduction. If not though, think of it as being a bit like supercharged multi tasking. Just imagine how much more you could do in a day with habit stacking?

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Doritos get behind the LGBT cause

doritos_rainbowWe love a bit of clever marketing at DDCA, and it’s always great to see an established brand get behind a cause to raise awareness.

The latest fantastic idea has come from Doritos, with the tortilla chip and popular party snack maker doing its bit for LGBT rights and equality. It sounds like an unusual pairing at first, but the end result is pretty ingenious, with Doritos releasing a special bag of rainbow coloured chips to anyone who pledges $10 or more to the It Gets Better Project.

100% of the profits generated by the cool-ranch flavoured Doritos goes to the charity, with supporters urged to use the hashtag #BoldandBetter to spread messages of hope.

Whilst the It Gets Better Project supports LGBT youngsters across the world, I’m sad to say the special bags of snacks are only currently available in the US. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to buy them soon!

DDCA are settling in at the Toffee Factory!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 15.51.31

We’ve been in our new office for almost two weeks now and I’m pleased to say that I, and the rest of the DDCA team, couldn’t be happier to be in the Toffee Factory.

It’s an old cliché, but there’s nothing better for creative companies like ours than a bit of healthy competition. Moving to the Toffee Factory, and being amongst so many other brilliant businesses, shows how far we’ve come in a relatively short time and gives a clear indication of what we can and will achieve in the coming years.

We’re just about finished unpacking and the office is looking pretty good if we do say so ourselves! We’re always excited to have a drink and talk through ideas, so why not swing by? After all, our door is open, our kettle is (usually) freshly boiled and we always have a ready supply of biscuits for visitors.

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Yoga Anyone?

I had to capture this! Check out the DDCA team taking part in a spot of yoga this afternoon, led of course by our brilliant yoga guru Debbie.

They all seem to really enjoy the corpse position!

Office Yoga