Kids running up digital purchase bills


As technology gets more and more impressive, so too does the ability of our kids to master it earlier. My 7-year old certainly knows how to use one, and these days it’s common to see small children swiping and poking at tablets with a confidence that’s enviable to anyone has had to adapt to using one since they hit shelves.

It seems that some children though are so good at using iPads and tablets that it’s costing their parents money, and thanks to easy app purchasing and in-app purchases kids are running up bills on their parents’ cards with ease.

This is where it’s necessary to go into statistics I’m afraid, but if you’ve also got little ones they’re worth taking in. A new study has shown that 84% of children purchase digital downloads with their pocket money whilst 32% of parents tried to steer their children clear of downloads in case it left them vulnerable to inappropriate material.

Everyone is always going to parent differently but if you haven’t already now might be a good time to evaluate just how your little ones use the family tablet.


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