Youth call for more realistic women and less sex in advertising


Remember when I posted last week about CEO Barbie? Well it seems that the movement to redefine what women mean to consumers advertisers and their consumers is continuing apace this week, as a study by State of the Youth Nation has shown that young people feel that women are ‘too sexualised’ in advertising.

Over all, 1,000 16-24 year olds were surveyed, with 65% agreeing that brands and advertisers use women as sexual objects entirely too often. Interestingly 64% also agreed that advertising could be better used to empower women if it chose to show them in an inspiring and respectful light more often.

The study asked its group several questions about the use of women in advertising, and the responsibilities of advertisers to foster body positivity, with a consistent majority calling out for a change in the way we see women portrayed to sell products.

Hopefully the current and next generation of creatives can start to change how the industry views and uses women for the better!

Read more from Danielle and the DDCA team on the DDCA website.


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