Snapchat and the UAE lead the way on World Alzheimer’s day


Every so often, a social media campaign comes along that matches perfectly with a platform to create something truly special.

As you may or may not know, today is World Alzheimer’s Day and a company in the United Arab Emirates have devised a poignant campaign to help raise awareness of this horrifying, debilitating condition amongst the UAE’s young people.

Using Snapchat and the hashtag #MemoriesMatter, Starcom Mediavest, Good Health Arabia and Getty Images have come together to simply show the devastating effect of Alzheimer’s, showing a series of nostalgic, family pictures that slowly fade to reveal the message ‘Alzheimer’s Erases Your Memories, Let’s Erase Alzheimer’s’.

The nature of Snapchat’s own disappearing image system makes it an extremely clever choice of tool to get the message to a young audience. With the number of people the disease affects expected to increase by 600% over the next 15 years it’s time we all paid more attention to Alzheimer’s.



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