Gamers to order pizza via console: are we taking technology too far?

dominos and xbox Owning a business in the digital marketing industry, it’s more than fair to say that I’m an avid follower and advocate for new and upcoming concepts sweeping the world of technology.

But when is it time to say stop?

It has recently emerged that Domino’s Pizza and Microsoft are cooking up a partnership, which allows Xbox One users to order pizza directly from their console.

While this may seem heaven sent for ardent gamers, at what point do we draw the line, and reflect on the possible negative impacts technology could have on us, and our children for that matter?

The evolution of technology is a fabulous thing, and the level of freedom and innovation it brings to our lives, in both a personal and professional capacity, is great. But could technology be dumbing us down on a subconscious level?

I love technology and I’m all for using apps to make life easier, but should there be limitations? Or are we one day going to live in a world where we wake up everyday to a ready-made breakfast and have machines dressing us and driving us to work – a world where we can’t do anything for ourselves?

It’s just a thought, but as a mother it’s a slightly worrying thought.

What do you think?


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