My Favourite Travel Beauty Products

I’ve always struggled with packing my beauty products for when I go away. But after really condensing down my make up bag, I’ve established my favourite necessities- here they are.
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
I adore this product. The amount of uses it has are endless.
It’s perfect for sunburn as it takes the heat out and helps heal it in record time.
I use it on my lips and cuticles in the winter to combat any dryness.

One of my favourite uses is mixing it with a powder eye shadow to make an intense gel eye shadow that stays put all day!
20140717-082348 am-30228382.jpg

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
This has condensed my make up bag down massively. Not only can you use it as bronzer and blusher, but the colours look fabulous as eyeshadow as well. So if I take this I don’t need to carry around a bulky eyeshadow pallet. I always love two products in one.

20140717-082918 am-30558016.jpg
Sexy Mother Blusher
This is another duo product I adore: Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Blusher cream stick. This gives a really fresh beachy glow, but is a terrific lip stain that takes you from day to night with ease. Definitely a holiday must-have!

20140717-083419 am-30859345.jpg

Minx Nail Wraps
There is nothing worse than having to keep repainting your nails while on holiday, so I like to use Minx Nail Wraps on my fingers and toes. They stay in place for almost two weeks, so perfect for going away. You can get some really chic ones now and your nails look clean and neat.

20140717-084004 am-31204999.jpg
Million Lashes Water Proof Mascara
This mascara does exactly what it says. I love the original Million Lashes Mascara, as it gives such a beautiful fanned out effect. But I hate getting out of the sea or pool and looking like something from Kiss! I love still being able to wear mascara on the beach.

20140717-084739 am-31659339.jpg

Yves Saint Laurent All-in-One BB Cream
I tend not to wear a foundation on the beach as I find it melts causing an unflattering shiny effect. So I found this amazing BB cream. I chose this one over others due to it having a SPF of 25, which I find really helps protect my skin. It gives a really dewy coverage that looks sun-kissed and natural without the offensive shiny effect.

20140717-085346 am-32026102.jpg


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