Google Glass In the Office

Last week finally saw the release of Google Glass, the latest technological offering in the industry. After being showcased last fall at New York Fashion Week, I was intrigued as to how we could implement this innovative device into the day to day runnings of DDCA.

At New York Fashion Week, over 100 pairs were handed out to the industries most influential stylists, bloggers, designers and even models.

My favourite function was that you could film the catwalk directly as you see it, allowing you to appreciate the show live rather than filming it with your phone or camera.

The high quality of the photographs and video footage as well as being able to immediately upload it to your social media platforms makes this device even more desirable and is one of the reasons it’s set to change the fashion industry forever.

The tech phenomenon has already caught the eye of global businesses including Virgin Airlines who recently trialled the product, providing each of their first class passengers with a pair to use throughout their journey creating an added value experience.

Being such a creative and visual agency, I’d love to introduce google glass to the DDCA team. The device is infused with features like ‘speech to text’ which the team could really take advantage of in terms of saving time when making notes in meetings, sending emails and managing schedules.

After spending many years developing Google Glass, it’s clear to see why it took so long to reach the market. Similar to the way in which Apple revolutionised the smart phone, wearable technology is defiantly the next big thing and I’m excited to see this develop.


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