Tweet For Marc Jacobs

MarcJacobs_PopUp_Tweet-1-2An innovative pop-up shop will launch later today where shoppers can buy designer goods using “social media currency”.

Marc Jacobs is the label behind the madness, which will open the doors to its Manhattan store to coincide nicely with New York Fashion Week. All shoppers have to do to get their mitts on some Marc Jacobs goodies is post using the hashtag #MJDaisyChain to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

MarcJacobs_PopUp_Tweet-12Branded gifts at the SoHo shop are reported to include perfume, necklaces and purses. The best Instagram of the day will receive a Marc Jacobs handbag as part of the stunt, which is one of the first of its kind.

Lori Singer, the Vice President of Marketing at Marc Jacobs, told Mashable: “Over the years, the Daisy brand has built a considerable following in social media, and to us, the whole undertaking is a way to say a big thank you…Marc Jacobs is really active on social media and Daisy is one of the fragrance brands that triggers the highest engagement among fans.”

All posts featuring the #MJDaisyChain hashtag will be relayed into the shop every 30 seconds via a large projection. Shoppers can take advantage of a selfie photo booth and also free manicures in the pop-up, which will run until Sunday.

A brilliantly simple campaign was devised by the Daisy marketing team, which saw them take to the streets and hand out daisies to passers by. Each daisy had a tag attached, which included information on the shops location and hinted at the premise behind the ploy.

Marc Jacobs is a brand that I’ve long admired for their creative marketing approach. They’re recognised as serious players in the social media arena and Facebook recently identified Daisy as one of the top fragrances engaged with their followers on the site.

Social media remains a relatively untapped resource to marketers and every day there’s a new-fangled way for brands to promote their product or events.

My question is: When can we expect a pop-up Tweet shop to reach British shores?!

Take a look at all the posts already coming in on Instagram here.


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