What Are You Going To Do Today?


I have always enjoyed the way that the Internet can be manipulated to cause intrigue, stir emotion or drive debate. Be it a viral campaign, an infographic or perhaps something a bit more interactive, the way that the Internet can affect us is astonishing when you think about it.

With that said, I recently discovered this video and felt compelled to share with you. Created in a simplistic infographic style, it is captivating and certainly thought provoking.

From the outset, the average lifespan of a typical American person is visualised with the use of Jelly Beans – that’s 28,835 jelly beans representing 28,835 days.

Bit by bit, these Jelly Beans are taken away to represent daily habits over time, such as 8,477 days of sleep, 3,202 days at work and 1,635 days of preparing/eating food – (On a side note, statistics that I found rather life-affirming include 564 days caring for others and 720 days working within the community).

Once we’ve accounted for all of these days and taken away their corresponding Jelly Beans, there is a small proportion of time left. The video simply asks: “How much of it do you think you’ve already used up?”

For me, this video sort of puts everything into perspective a bit. For all of its 2 minutes and 45 seconds, I found myself initially absorbed and then very reflective by the end of it.

It begs the question: “What are you going to do today?”


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