The Ahh Effect

Coca Cola are rolling out the campaigns like there’s no tomorrow. Whilst we Brits continue to revel in the personalised bottle and dig our way through crates and bins to find our name, Coca Cola have introduced Columbia to their new summer accessory, the ‘Ice Bottle’


The ice bottle certainly caused a stir across Columbian beaches and the new advert received more than 1.5m views since its YouTube debut on 29th May. However, Coca Cola are an unstoppable force and onwards they stride in their marketing strategy.

“Ahhh’ is the latest campaign to get marketers talking. In just six months, their first all-digital venture has had some 4 million views with about half of that traffic having been generated organically. Pretty impressive I’m sure you’ll agree.

The Ahh Effect launched in April using the URLs, and As the campaign progressed, Coca Cola simply added another ”h” to the URL – so far there are 40 “experiences” behind the Ahh Effect. Despite no traditional media support, the campaign has a success rate of almost 50% of Coca Cola’s 2012 Superbowl Campaign.

“Coke could easily reach 4 million teens with a TV buy, but at best, the brand would get 30 seconds of their attention. The Ahh Effect gives it four times as much and achieved that Holy Grail of 2013 marketing: engagement.” –

Each “experience” behind the Ahh Effect is addictively unique – it’s no surprise that Coca Cola have nailed the engagement factor. One experience asks users to identify what’s cat and what’s not. Others include a slot machine, a polar party and an ice toss.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 11.47.19

The campaign even offers users the opportunity to get involved and suggest new experiences of their own. If engagement is the “Holy Grail of 2013”, I’d say participation is a prime catalyst!

Check out the campaign for yourself at where you’ll find a rundown of each experience.


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