New Look ‘New Look’

In a delicate economy it is often difficult for brands to see the light at the end of the frugal tunnel.

Despite austere times, British High Street favourite ‘New Look’ recently announced a very impressive 79% leap in online sales in the three months leading up to June and I was keen to learn what they attributed the boost to.

New Look Shop

One thing that New Look has got right is their SEO. They’ve successfully manipulated Google algorithms to appear on page one for several beneficial search terms including “cheap women’s clothes” and “women’s shoes”. This is proof that great SEO really does make a difference when it comes to generating new business. The majority of online shoppers often settle for a page one Google result and are rarely inclined to browse beyond page three.

Another great attribute to New Look’s revamped website is consistent navigation. Thanks to familiarity and an intuitive interface, New Look customers are finding their way around the site easily. This means that they’re more inclined to hang about and browse. Slick navigation features ensure that you’re maximising traffic and minimising bounce rate.

New Look Interface

This ease of use ties in nicely with the newly expanded Click & Collect feature, which is arguably the main reason behind the increase in sales. Both Argos and Tesco have seen great success with Click & Collect services, with Asda recently getting in on the action too and announcing plans to expand their own service.

An eConsultancy report on ‘How The Internet Can Save The High Street’ found that 80% of UK consumers have reserved a product online for in-store collection, while 20% do this at least once a month.

Finally, another successful addition to New Look’s site that I’d like to highlight is their Live Chat feature. Used as a tool to improve customer service and boost online sales, Live Chat is experiencing a great level of popularity amongst all of the big players.

New Look Live Chat

It effectively puts the consumer in direct contact with the business in real-time – No more automated responses or hold music; just instant answers and advice. Today’s consumer wants an efficient, quality service and Live Chat helps to implement that.

I’ve been promoting Live Chat for over a year now and have seen first-hand the benefits that it delivers to a wide spectrum of industries, so it’s no surprise that Live Chat has played a part in New Look’s recent success.

If you’d like to discuss Live Chat in more depth, please feel free to get in touch. Who knows: It could be just what you need to take your business to the next level too.


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