One Room Paradise

My team at the agency make every effort to share stories of technological innovation and digital delights, to educate, amuse and entertain one another. It was their curious nature that drew my attention to Ikea’s latest digital campaign, subsequently compelling me to write this blog for you:

“Small Space Living” is the campaign in question and it’s been brought to the public eye primarily thanks to TV advertising and a cover of the Aretha Franklin hit ‘One Room Paradise’.

However, delving deeper into their marketing strategy, “Make Small Spaces Big” was brought to my attention.

“You’re invited to have a nose around lots of clever ideas,” explains the website.

Upon clicking the ‘Start’ button, video footage of your Scandinavian host welcomes you to the house shown in the TV ad and briefly explains the navigation of the 360 experience. Seamlessly combining this footage with digital overlays and an intuitive interface is impressive in itself, plus the movements are slick and the graphics engaging.

Tied in with the experience is the soft sell of Ikea products as you might expect, however it’s done in a very subtle way and you almost forget that you’re shopping altogether.

Further to the 360 experience, Ikea offer up tips and ideas, according to room, on how you can make the most of small or awkward spaces. One particular option that I think is genius is “Going to University’ – here Ikea are tapping into a lucrative market of young adults who are looking for affordable style and functionality. They’ve even provided handy checklists and a printable document, which you’re able to take in store to save time and hassle.

IKEA Image

Throughout, the star of the campaign – affectionately referred to as ‘Mandy’ – seems to be portrayed as something of an Ikea celebrity despite the fact that she’s a human depiction of a Barbie doll.

As well as being the protagonist to this latest campaign, Mandy also has her own Twitter account @IKEAMandy, where she delivers insight into her life and interacts with her fans. Mandy often Tweets using the hashtag “#MandyProblems” which not only pokes fun at her Barbie-like demeanour, but they can also be related to. These include: “The more clothes I own, the less I have to wear. #MandyProblems” and “When your hair still looks gorge from the night before but it’s too big to fit under a shower cap. #MandyProblems

IKEA Twitter

To compliment the music video style advert, Mandy invites users in on an ‘MTV Cribs’ style tour of her “One Room Paradise”. The script alone makes this worth a view!

“Hiya lads – How ya doin’? Welcome to me pad!”

It’s clever and witty, as well as engaging and worthy of a Facebook ‘Share’, to say the least. The writers of this little gem should give themselves a pat on the back – it’s a refreshing change to the marketing we often see of furniture and home goods, and works perfectly at attracting Ikea’s target demographic of trendy, young adults.

All in all, I find the ‘One Room Paradise’ campaign to be a great success. Ikea have nailed the styling and tone of voice, as well as served up some impressive interactive features and engaging content. I’d be interested to see how the strategy has affected their sales and also to see what adventures Mandy is subjected to in the future!

You can view the full site by clicking here.


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