The Power of Augmented Reality Marketing

One of the very first experiences that I had of augmented reality was with thanks to Marmite of all things! Using the Blippar app, the specially designed packaging came to life to release a Marmite genie armed with recipes and serving suggestions.


I was in awe – the jar that I was holding in my hand had literally come to life on the screen of my iPhone. Since then, I have made an extra effort to seek out augmented reality offerings in all of my favourite publications as well as on the supermarket shelf.

Recently I came across another fine example of augmented reality marketing and felt compelled to share the sheer ingenuity and intuitive design with you:

British Airways are the brand in question. To publicise their Grenada route, BA teamed up with Aurasma to create what first appears to be a very traditional, print advert featuring some on-location photography and enticing copy. It’s very much what you might expect of a holiday promotion.

However, nestled in the bottom right-hand corner of the page lies the Aurasma app icon and the first inclination that not all is as you’d expect. I viewed the page with my iPad and the larger screen certainly did it justice.


Upon hovering the iPad over the page, a glistening wave sweeps across the screen to reveal a sandy beach. The sound of steel drums can be heard playing and a video montage begins.

Aurasma Collage

Featuring an insight into island life, the locals and the attractions, the video certainly engages the user and rounds off after approximately 30 seconds with the invitation to click through to BA’s website to view prices.

Overall, I find the ad to have been executed perfectly. A popular message that I like to hammer home in business is that great consumer engagement creates great consumer influence. BA has certainly not failed to impress here.


One thought on “The Power of Augmented Reality Marketing

  1. Hi Danielle, thanks for your great review of the Grenada/BA augmented reality campaign. It was created by Plus Two Ltd ( in conjunction with Eyes2Market ( who are the Grenada Board of Tourism’s marketing agency. Grenada were in fact the first overseas destination to embrace new technology in UK. We’re all really glad you liked our use and execution of augmented reality!

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