Minddrive: The Social Good Endeavour

Social Media has been used to build brands, distribute ideas, make people famous and now……..it can run cars?

As unbelievable as this sounds, a group of Kansas City high schoolers have done just that. Feeling let down by their education system and falling through the cracks of society, non profit organisation Minddrive stepped in to bring science and maths to the underprivileged teens and power their dreams through social media.

The task, to restore a 1967 Karmann Ghia to it’s finest form and drive the slinky two seater across the country from Kansas City to Washington DC only with a difference, it would be fueled by social interaction. Each Tweet, Facebook post and Instagram image to the project would be converted into wattage would then power the electric car and it’s passengers across the country.

The group of plucky teens gained a massive 225,000 watts before they’d even started through the support of they’re online campaign which of course was a huge success gaining support from Richard Branson and The Huffington Post. This social good endeavour has shown us how social media can be brought to the next level and used to utilise support for great causes.


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