Breathing Life Into Infographics

The Economy of Coca-Cola from jot Reyes on Vimeo.

I’ve spotted a few articles online that claim days are numbered for the noble infographic. As a fan of Pinterest, I find myself lost in infographics from time to time, learning fun facts about the most obscure topics. I’ve always been keen to learn new things and I like to think that if ever I came face-to-face with Anne Robinson, I’d stand in good stead.

I find infographics are a great way to communicate concise information to a mass audience in an engaging way. Thanks to their visual prowess, infographics have a certain lure; it’s no surprise that they’re one of the most shared mediums on the Internet.

I’ve seen infographics on towns & cities, food & drink, and even (one particularly lazy Sunday morning) fashions through the decades. The possibilities for infographics are limitless and with the right colour palette and branding, they certainly stand out as a great marketing tool.

One asset of infographics that I particularly love is how unrestrictive they are. The scope for content and design allows them to be tailored to a specific demographic; likewise they can also be created with a broad audience in mind. They really are a versatile medium.

Of course the majority of Infographics are static, however I’ve spotted a few here and there that are beginning to incorporate more advanced features such as GIFs and video. This is presumably to keep users interested and eventually (I hope) to encourage interaction. The future certainly is digital and infographics are doing a splendid job in adapting with the times.

However, imagine an infographic that asks for your name and age, and then can tailor it’s content to you. Imagine an infographic that recognises your location and adjusts itself accordingly to reflect your local environment.

There are definitely exciting possibilities for the future and so I fail to see the death of the Infographic as being any time soon; if anything this is a resurgence. Infographics are becoming more popular than ever thanks to social media and smartphone optimisation. People love to be absorbed in knowledge. Infographics have human intrigue to thank for their popularity and our ever-curious nature compels us to read on:

 “Every picture tells a story, as they say, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion.” – CreativeBloq

I’ve pinned some fine examples of animated infographics onto a Pinterest board for you to enjoy here. If you’ve come across any weird and wonderful infographics recently, please feel free to post them to our facebook wall. You can find us at danielledunncreativeagency – The team and I would love to see them!


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