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80s Mobile Phone


I remember a time when “mobile” phones were carried around in suitcases due to the sheer size of the battery required to operate them. It’s strange to think of the evolution of handheld devices – one phone of mine that springs to mind was made by Motorola and could run off 4 AA batteries!

Of course over time there have been advances in mobile technology, but many would argue that battery technology has lagged behind somewhat.

Wireless Charging

I’ve seen exciting products on the market that allow wireless charging and read an article recently that outlined technology that would allow a mobile phone to charge not only wirelessly, but remotely too.

Wireless charging has been utilised for its functionality in the fashion world too.  Designer Richard Nicholl joined forces with Vodafone in February 2012 to introduce the world to the first mobile phone-charging handbag. By connecting the stylish bag to the mains, it can store enough juice to charge your smartphone on-the-go for 2 days!

Designer Handbag

The latest in battery technology is a claim by scientists that they’ve developed a lithium-ion battery that is 30 times more powerful than current smartphone power supplies and has the ability to charge 1,000 times faster.

Professor William King, who headed up the team behind the project, is quoted as saying “The batteries are so powerful you could use the power storage device in your cellphone to jumpstart your car battery”. Gone potentially are the days of battery preservation or dead handsets.

Now that’s pretty impressive! Wrap that technology up nicely in a designer handbag and I may well be tempted to invest.


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