Get Checking In!



For four years now, Foursquare users have been “checking in” left, right and centre, gaining points and vying for top position of Mayor. Previously, it has been possible to earn badges just for checking in, however badges can now be earned for completing tasks too.

Brands utilising Foursquare are able to offer discounts and special promotions to users that are nearby. As a means to entice potential custom, the user can unlock these special offers simply by “checking-in” a certain number of times.

The release of Foursquare 6.0 in the App Store recently unveiled an improved interface making it easier to find your friends and have a look at where they’ve checked into recently. Foursquare is hoping to monetise on word of mouth with the app hosting user published tips on certain establishments providing recommendations and advice.

Earlier this week, Foursquare revealed that they have surpassed the 3.5 billion check-in milestone and secured $41million in financing proving that the business model can succeed amongst the social media big hitters.

DDCA are on Foursquare; have you caught the Foursquare bug yet?


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