‘Unfriend’ Request.

Mashable TipsWe have reached that point in social media where Facebook can create or break rapport with colleagues, friends and acquaintances alike. I’m sure you all have someone on your friend’s list or News Feed that make you want to tear your hair out every time you read their annoying updates. However, with social media’s popularity through the roof, ‘unfriending’ someone is no longer confined to the safety of technology, but can leak out and cause friction or awkwardness in real life.

Thankfully, Mashable have come up with the solution. From hiding posts to tailoring what posts appear on your News Feed, Mashablehave provided us with 5 handy hints on how to ignore annoying Facebook friends without having to delete them completely. They aren’t offended, and you aren’t irritated. Everybody wins.

What ruffles your feathers most on Facebook? Share it with us.


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