The 3D Generation

Since the rise of IMAX and the progression in DVD technology to Blu Ray, there promises to be a surge in remakes of cult-classics and Hollywood blockbusters in the coming years.

Originally released in 1986, ‘Top Gun’ is the latest box office hit to be re-released in IMAX format bringing the movie to new audiences as well as offering fans the chance to see the movie in a whole new way.

Promising to make audiences feel as though they are in the movie with the use of “crystal-clear images coupled with IMAX’s customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio”, Tom Cruise’s Maverick will be revived in UK cinemas later this year hoping to add to its original $350million success.

Top Gun is returning to the big screen as a result of director Tony Scott’s labour of love to convert the movie. Prior to Scott’s suicide in August 2012, Paramount and Tom Cruise had been in talks with Scott to produce a sequel too.

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