Sony Make a Splash!



­At some point or another, I’m sure many of us have dropped a mobile phone in the sink or the bath. Commonly, phones are being dropped in toilets, puddles and, in the case of a friend of mine whom shall remain nameless, a cup of tea!

Well these mini acts of lunacy could well become a thing of the past! Sony have announced they are to bring their waterproof handset to the UK market. Commonplace in Asia already, waterproof phones have proved popular with users wishing to watch a movie in the bath, text from the shower or even wash their handset should it become dirty.

The Sony Xperia Z smartphone can tolerate up to 30 minutes submerged in up to 1 metre of water and remain relatively unscathed. This liquid-defying handset packs a punch on the technology front too with all the usual features you’d expect from your smartphone as well as HDR video.

With market leaders such as Apple and Samsung, how well do you think the Sony Xperia Z will fare up against the big boys?


One thought on “Sony Make a Splash!

  1. water and dust resistant is one really good thing about Xperia Z and some other Sony phones and I am happy that companies are trying to differentiate their products based on practically useful features than marketing gimmicks.

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