Tweet For Recommended Reads


The Internet is inundated with technology designed to provide a user-friendly, personalised experience for each of us. Ways in which this can be achieved is social media. By fluffing up our profile a bit on Facebook, websites can access our preferences in film, music, television, hobbies etc. and provide a tailor-made Internet experience.

The Twitterverse is also accustomed to outsourcing our data to help other websites cater to our needs and desires. By collecting information on commonly tweeted phrases, hash tags and users, a website can provide a unique service to you.

One such website is BookRx which can recommend books for the user to read according to information collated simply from their user name.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 17.57.13

My agency’s Twitter handle @DanielleDunn_CA returned a whole host of books on e-commerce, business and marketing, as well as books on sport & fitness, social sciences and productivity. There were even a few recommended reads on cakes and baking; heaven knows where they came from 😉

Tell us which books your username attracted. How accurate do you find the service?


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