Hitting the Nail on the Head


Mobile devices have most definitely become a part and parcel of everyday life for many of us: they wake us, they manage us, they keep us in the loop and they even have the potential to help us nod off at the end of the day too. Why, there are even apps out there that record our sleep pattern and keep tabs on our REM!

Smartphones have become so intrinsic that the mobile advertising market certainly is a lucrative one. So, why are many advertising agencies falling short of the full potential that our handsets hold?

Research would suggest that many attempts of mobile advertising are simply not engaging enough – More often than not, it is instantly recognised as spam. Therefore designers must endeavour to challenge the mind and captivate the psyche or else risk alienating a thriving market.

That’s where social media has its advantages. By being relevant to the mass market but also sincerely personal, social media has the power to not only attract an audience but to keep them engrossed too. I call this “Online Community Management” and that’s just one area that the team and I specialise.

If you’d like more information on our Online Community Management programs or testimonials of existing clients, please visit our website.


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