Creativity Reigns

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It would appear that those of us utilizing LinkedIn for it’s professional networking merits lack a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to fluffing up our profiles.

A recent survey of buzzwords on the site’s 187 million profiles found the majority of members to be “Creative” followed closely by “Motivated”.  The survey, which comes after LinkedIn shared ways in which its users could stand out from the crowd, found a trend in particular words and linked them back to the country from which they were most used.

It would appear that the Swiss pride themselves in their analytical skills, the Brazilians are experimental and the French responsible. Us Brits? Well we’re motivated it seems.

For “Creative” to top the list of most overused buzzword isn’t very creative at all, really.  What words are you guilty of overusing? I’d choose ‘glamorous’, ‘witty’ and ‘stylish’ – but that goes without saying obviously 😉


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