Sharing the Chanel Story

Lately, I’ve taken a huge interest in microsites and the benefits they may offer to brands. Briefly, a microsite is described as being “…an auxiliary website with independent links and address that is accessed mainly from a larger site”. In laymen’s terms: ‘Nike+’ operates as a microsite to parent ‘Nike’.

It appears as though having a microsite is becoming somewhat of a trend and a way in which brands can communicate more effectively to their customers as their website evolves.  There is a risk however that the microsite may become irrelevant or rendered redundant if not designed and managed properly.

The new Chanel microsite is an example of quite the opposite: it offers a fresh, new dimension to the global brand by providing an insight into the Chanel legacy. Optimised for tablet use, the interface works well at engaging the user and is elegant and classic, not unlike its namesake.

I particularly enjoy the video integration that offers an in depth look at the creation of Chanel No.5 – one of my favourite perfumes.

As a female entrepreneur myself, I am always fascinated to discover the history of some of my favourite brands and how the ladies of years gone by demonstrated that anything a man can do, a woman can do better!

If you’ve come across other good examples of microsites, please feel free to share them. Or perhaps you’d fancy a little natter about Chanel? Either way, I’m all ears.


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