Oh, How Times Have Changed!

The next time my Mac seizes up and I’m presented with the spinning wheel of death, I’ll bear in mind just how fortunate I am, like so many others, to be in an office where mail is sent instantaneously through cyberspace (for free!), a simple letter can be drafted, edited and printed in next to no time, and employees utilise software such as Skype to stay in touch with partners and clients.

I find that this recent LinkedIn survey is a real eye-opener to advances in technology and it reminds me just how far the workplace has come in a relatively short amount of time.

With the fax machine, Filofax and tape recorder’s days numbered, Tweet us and tell us what office props will you miss? More excitingly, tell us what additions would your office benefit from? We reckon a Mr Whippy machine wouldn’t go amiss here.


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