Raising The Retail Bar.


The advances in technology and digital media have always excited me: This week has heralded the arrival of iPhone5, which in itself marks a fresh chapter in the smartphone market.

Retail industries understand the necessity of digital in their business and many manufacturers have great success with their online stores and counterparts. However, recently Burberry opened the doors of their latest store on London’s Regent Street and raised the bar of digital integration and augmented reality.

‘Burberry World Live’ claims “…customers can experience every facet of the brand through immersive multimedia content”. For example, items of clothing can be micro chipped so that when a customer wears that item “…they can look into a mirror that transforms into a screen, which shows how the garment would look on a catwalk”.

Sounds like exciting stuff! As if shopping for clothes wasn’t an immersive enough experience for me, the retailers throw this into the mix – I fear I may lose days at a time!

Humour my digital musings @DanielleDunn_CA or for more information on what we do see: http://www.danielledunn.co.uk/


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