Warm this Winter.

Contributed to WhatYouWear.net

We’ve been out and about having a peek at what Autumn/Winter is bringing in the world of fashion.

As bikinis and sarongs are resigned to bargain bins and sale rails to make way for wooly garments and long sleeves, we’re seeing mustard, maroon and olive are going to be big in men’s fashion. Likewise, faux furs and charcoal are dominant in ladieswear.

There is heaps of Nordic inspiration in this winters designs too with chunky knits and geometric designs all the rage. Expect plenty of navy, greys and whites to adorn the rails of many a highstreet store and also the appearance of very casual lounge wear specifically for Winter.

The onesie saw some popularity last year and has since drawn somewhat of a following with many dedicated retailers popping up online. ‘OnePiece’ are one such brand who have stores in many major cities including London, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Even Primark have taken the onesie and provided their own colourful and imaginative range including the Elvis and tiger inspired designs.

For us, Autumn/ Winter 2012 is all about wrapping up and getting cosy. We’re wearing plenty of layers, comfortable fabrics and soft finishes – any excuse to snuggle up, really.


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